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Try CheckPoint 156-410.12 Exam Questions - Updated 2017

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Latest and Most Accurate CheckPoint 156-410.12 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Version: 8.0
Question: 21

According to Moss and Martinko (1998)____________________is/are a major contributor to virtually all problems of low performance within an organization.

A. Feedback deficiencies
B. Training inadequacies
C. Supervisor training
D. Learner resistance

Answer: A

Question: 22

According to the material presented in the Check Point Instructor Skills Workshop, your body movement is an excellent tool for emphasis and class control. For example, to gam and hold the attention on an individual;

A. Move as far away from the individual as possible
B. Move to the back of the presentation stage
C. Move toward a specific area of the room near them.
D. Stand behind the podium or lectern as a symbol of authority.

Answer: C

Question: 23

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Which of the following instructor behaviors would encourage audience involvement and cohesiveness?

A. Ignore group compliments in favor of your own.
B. Ask for examples/experience from the group
C. Encourage learners' to set aside concerns to focus on the learning experience.
D. Ignore learners' comments as irrelevant.

Answer: B

Question: 24

Collaborative group learning can be used to foster transfer of learning because it____________

A. makes breaks more interesting
B. reduces the instructor workload
C. improves post test scores
D. sets the stage for a reinforcing community of practice

Answer: D

Question: 25

During one presentation, a participant poses a policy scenario to which he or she claims are only two options, neither of which you like.
How do you respond to this "two-option" question?

A. Open up the options - introduce a third that the learner might not have thought of.
B. Tell the participant to stick to reality
C. Ignore the question
D. Ask the participant to provide more detail to the imaginary scenario.

Answer: A

Question: 26

When reviewing a learning objective, you want to ensure that the objective possess all of these characteristics EXCEPT which one?

A. Define a specific behavior
B. Be measurable
C. Be philosophical
D. Be clearly written

Answer: A
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