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By | January 19, 2018

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Question: 21

Which three statements about the Cisco ISE profiler are true? (Choose three.)

A. It sends endpoint data to AAA servers.
B. It collects endpoint attributes.
C. It stores MAC addresses for endpoint systems.
D. It monitors and polices router and firewall traffic.
E. It matches endpoints to their profiles.
F. It stores endpoints in the Cisco ISE database with their profiles.

Answer: B,E,F

Question: 22

From which location can you run reports on endpoint profiling?

A. Reports > Operations > Catalog > Endpoint
B. Operations > Reports > Catalog > Endpoint
C. Operations > Catalog > Reports > Endpoint
D. Operations > Catalog > Endpoint

Answer: B

Question: 23

Cisco 802.1X phasing enables flexible deployments through the use of open, low-impact, and closed modes. What is a unique characteristic of the most secure mode?

A. Granular ACLs applied prior to authentication
B. Per user dACLs applied after successful authentication
C. Only EAPoL traffic allowed prior to authentication
D. Adjustable 802.1X timers to enable successful authentication

Answer: C

Question: 24

A network administrator must enable which protocol extension to utilize EAP-Chaining?


Answer: A

Question: 25

In the command ‘aaa authentication default group tacacs local’, how is the word ‘default’ defined?

A. Command set
B. Group name
C. Method list
D. Login type

Answer: C

Question: 26

Changes were made to the ISE server while troubleshooting, and now all wireless certificate authentications are failing. Logs indicate an EAP failure. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. EAP-TLS is not checked in the Allowed Protocols list
B. Certificate authentication profile is not configured in the Identity Store
C. MS-CHAPv2-is not checked in the Allowed Protocols list
D. Default rule denies all traffic
E. Client root certificate is not included in the Certificate Store

Answer: A

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