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By | December 13, 2017

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

Identify three capabilities of load plans. (Choose three.)

A. restart from failed tasks
B. exception handling
C. native support for parallelism
D. support for Open Tools
E. restart of an agent

Answer: A,B,C

( This link says “restartability” as one of options, so it can be either A or E, most likely its A

Question: 2

You must split a model with many database tables into multiple sub-models based on their names. How must you proceed? (Choose the best answer)

A. Create new submodels and drag data stores individually to each submodel.
B. Use automatic distribution feature at the models level to automatically create the submodels and move the data stores based on their names.
C. Create new submodels and leverage the automatic distribution feature at the submodels level to automatically move the data stores based on their names.
D. Create new models, drag the data stores individually to each model and then drag the models to the parent model to create submodels.

Answer: B


Question: 3

New Updated 1Z0-448 Exam Questions 1Z0-448 PDF dumps 1Z0-448 practice exam dumps: (79 Questions)

You are a project developer using ODI and want to consolidate your own local metadata repositories. Identify the true statement. (Choose the best answer.)

A. You must consolidate your own local metadata repositories. The local metadata must be transmitted via ftp and synchronized with a dedicated proprietary engine, creating a common metadata model for all the developers.
B. You must consolidate your own local metadata repositories. You have to invoke a dedicated web service to synchronize the metadata by using Oracle Service Bus.
C. You need not consolidate your own local metadata repositories, because the ODI proprietary metadata server allows all developers to share the common metadata of a specific project.
D. You need not consolidate yourown local metadata repositories, because ODI uses a centralized relational metadata repository that all the developers share.

Answer: D

Question: 4

How should you define the Work Schema of a Physical Schema? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Use a dedicated schema such asODI_STAGING.
C. Use the same schema as the Data Schema.

Answer: A


Question: 5

You have been tasked with designing a Mapping that must perform an initial load and incremental updates using the same transformation logic. How should you proceed? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Create a single Mapping with two Physical Designs: one for theinitialload and one for the incremental updates.
B. Create a single Mapping with a single Physical Design and modify it appropriately when an initial load is required or when an incremental update is required.
C. Create two Mappings: one for the initial load and one for the incremental updates. Duplicate the transformation logic.
D. Create a single Mapping and use variables in the Logical Design to do an initial load when required or an incremental update otherwise.

Answer: D


Question: 6

How are the ODI repositories upgraded? (Choose the best answer.)

A. by using Opatch
B. by using ODI Studio
C. by using the import/export utilities
D. by using Upgrade Assistant

Answer: A



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