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By | December 26, 2017

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Latest and Most Accurate VMware 2V0-651 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Version: 8.0
Question: 21

An administrator is planning a Floating Linked-Clone desktop pool using local solid state drives. A stateless configuration is suitable for this group of users.
Local solid state drive capacity is limited. The administrator plans to use the storage tiring capabilities of View Composer to place the Linked-Clones on shared storage and place only the Replica on local disk.
Why will the administrator be prevented from using this configuration?

A. Storage tiering is supported only when using Full Clone desktops.
B. Replica and Linked-Clone disks must reside on the same datastore when using local disks.
C. Replica disks must always reside on shared storage for Linked-Clone pools.
D. Storagetiering is supported only for Dedicated Assignment Linked-Clone desktops.

Answer: B

Question: 22

Which virtual disk type should an administrator use to reclaim unused space in a Linked Clone?

A. Thin Provisioned Disk
B. SE Sparse Disk
C. MonolithicSparse Disk
D. Flat Disk

Answer: B

Question: 23

New Updated 2V0-651 Exam Questions 2V0-651 PDF dumps 2V0-651 practice exam dumps:

An administrator needs to create 1000 virtual machines with minimal shared disk space. Additionally, the administrator needs to be able to update the images while ensuring that the users’ information is managed in a central location.
Which VMware components should be used to meet the requirements?

A. VMware Horizon View with Persona Management
B. VMware Horizon View with vSphere Data Protection
C. VMware Workspace with vSphere Data Protection
D. VMwareWorkspace with Persona Management

Answer: A

Question: 24

What two prerequisites must be met before View Composer can be installed? (Choose two.)

A. No other application on the View Composer server should use Windows SSLv2 libraries.
B. A domain useraccount with Administrator privileges on the system must be used.
C. No other application on the View Composer server should use OpenSSLv2 libraries.
D. A local user account with Administrator privileges on the system must be used.

Answer: A,B

Question: 25

An administrator needs to install View Composer. The current environment uses a vCenter Server appliance and four ESXi hosts.
Which two steps should the administrator take to complete the installation? (Choose two.)

A. Log in using a domain useraccount with local Administrator privileges.
B. Install the View Composer server on the vCenter Server.
C. Log in using [email protected]
D. Install the View Composer server on a standalone Windows server.

Answer: A,D

Question: 26

Which prerequisite must an administrator verify before installing a View Connection server?

A. Internet Information Services (IIS)
B. Dynamic IP address
C. Apache Web Server
D. Static IP address

Answer: D


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